Some Pretty Good Love Songs

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Some Pretty Good Love Songs Cover
15 Songs

1. Come to My Bedside
2. Colours
3. Spanish is the Loving’ Tongue
4. Mindy
5. My Own True Love
6. Luna de Xelaju
7. Four Strong Winds
8. How Long is Our Time?
9. I Will
10. Drivin’ Blind
11. Let’s Get Together
12. Ghost Lover
13. Late in the Day
14. I Love My Old Truck
15. Shenandoah

Some Pretty Good Love Songs is a collection of some of my favorite love songs that mainly features my singing and guitar and banjo picking in a more or less folky style. The CD also includes excellent back-up instrumentals by Don Richmond and vocals by Karen Fricke on 7 of the 15 songs. The main themes of the songs, of course, are love lost (Four Strong Winds, Late in the Day, Drivin’ Blind, Spanish is the Lovin’ Tongue, Ghost Lover) and love found (Come to my Bedside, Colours, Mindy, My Own True Love, I Will). But important sub-themes include love confused and bewildered (How Long is Our Time?), love for the Creator (as represented by a river, in Shenandoah), and even love of my most loyal old pickup truck (I Love My Old Truck). (Incidentally, it was a 1984 Toyota that eventually got over 400,000 miles).

Some of these songs were just recently recorded (2006) at Don Richmond’s Howlin’ Dog Recording in Alamosa, Colorado. Others are selected from amongst the best songs I have on previous recordings. The four original love songs (Mindy, How Long is Our Time?, Drivin’ Blind, and I Love My Old Truck) are from my first recording, Reflections. I don’t usually admit to having favorite songs- but now having just recently recorded the classic love song and sea shanty, Shenandoah, I think this song just about says it all.

Eric Thor Karlstrom, 2011, 2012