Guitar Reflections Vol. 2: Solos and Duets

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Guitar Reflections Vol. 2 Cover
16 Solos and Duets

1. Flying South
2. Winter Waltz
3. Song of an Earthman
4. Flute Song
5. Mary
6. Maui Prayer
7. Old Man, What Do You See?
8. The Old House
9. Wyoming Waltz
10. Highland Fling
11. Overdrive
12. How Long is Our Time?
13. Why Should It Be?
14. Given Time
15. I Love My Old Truck
16. Coming Home Fast

This is the second of my three-CD Guitar Reflections set that includes some of my favorite compositions performed as instrumentals. Most of these songs were originally written with lyrics. But it seems to me that they work just as well and maybe even better as instrumentals. This way, listeners can just enjoy the music itself and perhaps they will fill in their own (ever-changing) story lines as they hear the songs.

All songs were recorded at Don Richmond’s Howlin’ Dog Recording Studio in August, 2010 and January, 2011 (Thanks again, Don!). Songs 2, 5, 13, and 14 stand alone as solos. Each of the others is accompanied by one other instrument: I added the banjo parts on Songs 1, 11, 12, 15, and 16 and the second guitar on song 7. Don Richmond added the inspired and tasteful violin (song 8), mandolin (songs 3 and 9),and bodhran (song 10) parts and Annie Enke played the beautiful flute part on Flute Song (#4). Thanks so much Don and Annie! Some of the instruments we used are shown on the cover photo. I played songs songs 5, 7, and 14 on a Martin OMC-18 Laurence Juber custom edition guitar and all the rest on a Martin D-28 Marquis Madagascar. My banjo is an Osborne Chief.

Eric Thor Karlstrom, 2010 – 2011