On the Sea of Life

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On The Sea Of Life Cover
14 Songs

1. On the Sea of Life
2. Steam-Powered Aereoplane
3. A Good Woman’s Love
4. Earl’s Breakdown
5. Midnight in the Moonlight
6. Prairie Waltz
7. Morning Train
8. Sunrise
9. I Know Your Rider
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
11. John Hardy
12. Zen Gospel Singing
13. Sally Goodin
14. Life is Like a Mountain Railroad

This CD features is a smorgasbord of some of my favorite songs, including a couple gospel bluegrass songs, two or three pseudo-gospel songs, some hard driving banjo instrumentals, some original banjo and guitar instrumentals, some “hard-core” bluegrass and some “progessive” bluegrass. What can I say? I love the sound of a good 5-string banjo and a good guitar…. And singing. So there is lots of that stuff featured here. There’s also lots of three-part harmony featured on several of the songs. As usual, Don Richmond, the recording engineer at Howlin’ Dog Recording in Alamosa, Colorado, does a brilliant and inspired job of recording and mixing. He himself is a fabulous musician and he plays bass throughout the CD and adds the high harmony on song 12. It is a real pleasure to work with this excellent musician and human being. My younger sister, Karen Fricke, has always had a beautiful voice. On this CD, I roped her into singing lead on song 7 and harmony vocals on songs 1 and 12. Hang in there, sis, we’ll be rich and famous someday!? Maybe by the time we’re dead? Maybe posthumously?

Eric Thor Karlstrom, 2011, 2012