Guitar Reflections Vol. 1: Solos

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Guitar Reflections Vol. 1 Cover
18 Solos

1. Coming Home
2. Baja In My Mind
3. Guitar Reflections
4. Montana Jubilee
5. A Red Flower
6. Drivin’ Blind
7. Ridge Walkin’
8. Kirsten
9. Ode to Jimmy
10. Hey
11. After the Storm
12. Oregon Coast
13. El Toreador
14. A Patch of Blue
15. Wind River
16. Race to Knowhere
17. Hobo’s Daydream
18. Sailing Away

Here are some of my favorite original compositions as guitar solos. I play songs 1 through 9 on a Martin D-28 Marquis Madagascar, flat-picking all but song 8, which I finger-pick. This guitar, which I have respectfully dubbed “The Big Kahuna,” is shown in the left photo on the back cover. And I finger-pick the second nine songs (10 through 18) on a Martin OMC-18 Laurence Juber custom edition. This guitar, which I affectionately call “The Traveler,” is shown in the right photo of the back cover. Thanks C.F. Martin & Co., for making such superb and awesome guitars!

All songs were recorded at Don Richmond’s Howlin’ Dog Recording Studio in Alamosa, Colorado in August, 2010. Thanks again, Don.

Eric Thor Karlstrom, 2010