Paradise Divide

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Paradise Divide Cover
18 Songs

1. Evangelina
2. Randy Lynn Rag
3. You’d Better Let That Liar Alone
4. Dixie Hoedown
5. White Line
6. Gold Rush
7. Shady Grove
8. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
9. The Old Cross Roads
10. Paradise Divide Waltz
11. Blue Stone Mountain
12. Cherokee Shuffle
13. This Love Will Carry
14. Sustain Ability
15. Wild Geese Fly Again
16. Bear Tracks
17. Maui Prayer
18. Paradise Divide/The Touch of the Master’s Hand

I am extremely happy with my new CD, “Paradise Divide” (2013). It has a “traditional,” “mountain music,” “roots” flavor throughout and features a mix of some of my favorite bluegrass/folk ballads and hard-driving bluegrass banjo instrumentals. Traditional songs such as Shady Grove, The Old Cross Roads, and the You’d Better Let That Liar Alone feature richly-textured, bluegrass-style stacked harmonies. More recently-written songs that also have “timeless” themes that of-so “lonesome” bluegrass sound include Blue Stone Mountain, Wild Geese Cry Again, Evangelina, and White Line. Several have a “gospel/sacred-flavor.” These include This Love Will Carry, Maui Prayer, and the final cut, in which I read a 19th century poem, “The Touch of the Masters Hand,” over the sound-tack of Paradise Divide Waltz. Finally, I include three mellow original pieces; Paradise Divide Waltz, Sustain Ability, and Maui Prayer.

“Paradise Divide” was recorded at Don Richmond’s Howling Dog Studio in Alamosa, Colorado. I play banjo and guitar and sing lead and most vocal harmonies throughout. Don adds some mandolin, violin, bass and tasteful tenor harmonies where appropriate and Karen Fricke sings the beautiful lead on This Love Will Carry. Again, thanks Don and Karen for adding your musical talents and inspiration to this latest project, which of course, is my current favorite.

Eric Thor Karlstrom, August 2013